Sunday, July 23, 2017

Delightful experience

YoutubeWe wanted to try local cuisine from Hunza and were recommended Hidden Paradise - a family run restaurant. We ordered a variety of dishes and enjoyed each one. The taste is different to what you get from a traditional Pakistani restaurant. Food is generally less spicy here which accentuates the flavour of ingredients. I particularly liked Chapshuro (flat bread with chicken stuffing), a yougurt and bread dish, a green leaves curry made with indigenous plants and a potatoe and walnut dish. Not knowing what type of food to expect we played safe and ordered a chicken karahi as well. To our delight this was done in a Hunza way, with just the right amount of spice. Food was served in traditional in wooden bowls and plates that added to the experience. The service was friendly and I enjoyed talking to the Javid Karim sahib (the proprietor). I hope this place continues to serve traditional seasonal food and doesn't fall into commercial traps.
(Reviewed August 17, 2016 by AM Abbasi London, United Kingdom
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