Monday, January 30, 2017

Hidden Paradise Hunza


Vision Statement:
To share with the world, the various aspects of Hunza traditional Food in a manner that enhances both their holiday expectations and cultural curiosity. We aim to provide organic, pure and self cultivated food and to share the secrets of living 100+ years of Hunzaies in Olden days.

Mission Statement:
Hidden Paradise Hunza strives at all time “to care for our customer through the highest level of friendly service, quality, pure and healthy products while maximizing staff potential and development in a constructive, clean and healthy atmosphere using efficient and profitable means”.

Hidden Paradise Hunza formerly known as Ultar Restaurant is serving Healthy Hunza Traditional Food since the era for the first time tourism rushed to Valleys of Gilgit Baltistan. The concept behind a spot where only hunza food to serve is the mind of Mr. Lutfi Ali (Chef & Owner), also known as the founder of Hunza food. It was 1980’s when Mr. Lutfi Ali had a jeep and was affiliated with tours and expeditions and observed what tourism are attracting to or why the tourism are visiting the historical places, so why not they to attract towards Hunza Cultural Food as well, with a sudden decision he acquired a rented cabin and established a restaurant where he initiated to serve Apricot Soup and Apricot Juice.

Since 1980’s tourism attractions have improved and hotel business enhanced in the region and an outstanding market growth have witnessed from 1990’s to 2001.The concept of Traditional food business proved a remarkable results in comparison to other food businesses. Hidden paradise has been marketed by its own customers to be the best spot in hunza to eat and experience Traditional and Healthy Food. The restaurant by year 2000 has expanded its limited menu to list of 80 local food items. By 2003 Hidden Paradise has acquired the land in Karimabad and shifted to own building and improved the seating capacity from 20 to 80 person’s capacity and started accepting reservations for large groups as well, Unfortunately after 9/11 incident the industry growth has stopped and dropped to zero from boom, because the target market was only foreigners at that time. Since 2001 the industry remained in crises and so investments in the whole industry witnessed no change until 2012. In the recent 4 years the business crawled to move upwards and hidden paradise figures also shown a good progress.

After two thousand years of almost complete isolation, the people of Hunza have made the secrets of their remarkable way of long and healthy life available to the rest of the world. They have evolved a way of living, eating and thinking that has substantially lengthened their lifespan and dramatically reduced weakness to most of the illnesses to which "civilized" people are prone.

In Hunza, people manage to live to over one hundred years of age in perfect mental and physical Health. Cancer, heart disease, heart attacks, high and low blood pressure and childhood diseases are virtually unknown. In fact, sickness is extremely rare.

It has been observed in the recent years people of hunza also have inspired towards mixed/junk food that is easily available in the market quitting the healthy self grown food, the complete menu items offering the Hidden Paradise Hunza are even not known to hunza people also, although beside of having attracted to junk food hunza traditional food is also affiliated with Hunza Culture, may it be wedding Ceremony, religious or any engagement event. Hidden Paradise Hunza is only the team who has preserved the long list of Hunza Cultural Healthy food and offering its customer a healthy diet and secrets of living a healthy life. So apart from covering the restaurant clients, Hidden Paradise Hunza has plans to expand towards locals, Nationals and International Markets as well.

Hidden Paradise Hunza is reputed for its unique business and having health concern products, and has advantage that currently no competitor is available in the market with such a vast product line and experience. Hidden Paradise is known as the only and home for hunza traditional healthy and self cultivated organic foods. Hidden Paradise Hunza is committed to provide organic and pure food to its valued clients as we have more concerns about the health of our clients.

Hidden Paradise hunza is a sole business in hunza that works for cultural food preservation and promotion of our unique tradition in a profitable ways

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